Westwood Elementary Red Ribbon Week and Fall Festival

Red Ribbon Week
October 29th – November 2nd

Monday: I’m Teamed Up to be Against Drugs
Wear a sports team shirt
KC Wolf Visit Assembly at 2:05 PM

Tuesday: I’m Dreaming of a Drug Fre Life
Wear Pajama’s

Wednesday: I say BOO to Drugs
Wear Halloween Costume
**For the purpose of safety and out of respect for the learning environment, please leave masks and accessories at home(plastic toys, weapons, face paint, etc.).
Costume Showcase event in the Gym at 2:00 PM
Classroom parties scheduled at the teacher’s discretion

Thursday: I’m Too Bright for Drugs
Wear Neon

Friday: I Won’t Let Drugs Mess Me Up
Wear mixed match clothes

Flyer for Red Ribbon Week. All information is above.

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