Penny War

Spring Valley Elementary Penny Wars

Week of April 16th – April 20th

What is a Penny War?

The students have a goal to be the grade level that collects the most points. Points are collected by the amount of change, or paper bills, put into their grade level jar. The grade level with the most points will earn extra recess or a popcorn party!

How will points be collected?

Jars will be in the school library during the week of the 16th. Mrs. Ahlers and Mrs. Herron will be available to assist the students. Points are collected by putting change, or bills, into grade level jars.

How much is each coin worth?

Penny = +1 point

Nickels = -5 points

Dimes = -10 points

Quarters = -25 points

*note that pennies are the only coin that Add points, anything else subtracts points.

Why are we having a penny war?

We are getting ready to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Soon we will need supplies for the students to use. They will be making gifts at school for their teachers.

Sponsored by Spring Valley Booster Club

Penny War Flyer

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