2018 Law Enforcement Summer Camp

2018 Law Enforcement Summer Camp

The Junction City Police Department’s Law Enforcement Summer Camp is a camp designed for middle school children. It is an outreach program developed to help students become more aware of First Responders’ functions. The purpose is to build life skills, instill confidence and develop self-esteem. The curriculum will include a wide variety of activities that will incorporate teamwork, physical fitness, and general First Responders’ information. We will emphasize the importance of good decision making skills and teach good citizenship.

Our School Resource Officers will conduct the camp, which allows them to maintain a good working relationship over the summer with their students. Our students will observe presentations made by many K9 officers, SWAT Team members, Patrol Officers, Fire Department, and other emergency services.

Students are given the opportunity to understand what it is like for someone to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, through the use of simulator devices. Students will learn how drug dogs can search and identify illegal substances. Students will learn of becoming a Police Officer and run through a physical agility course. Students will observe some of the techniques and equipment used by SWAT members. Students will have an opportunity to observe a Police Chase where Stop Sticks will be deployed and ending in a High Risk Traffic Stop. The students will experience a day with the Junction City Fire Department.  They will also have the opportunity to spend the day at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson Kansas to see where/how Police Officers are trained.  They will also get a tour at the Milford Lake Hatchery.

We will also mix in several fun activities (Swimming, Bowling, Spin City, Fishing) to make the week not only educational but also enjoyable.

Camp will be from June 11th – 15th, 2018 from 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM Monday – Friday

The camp will be directed by School Resources Officers from the Junction City Police Department.

Lunch & snacks will be provided.


Expenses are covered by the Junction City Police Department. There is limited number of spots available. Please return your application as soon as possible. You will be notified when your application has been approved.



Instructions for Parents/Guardians:

  1. PRINT clearly in ink.
  2. The Application deadline is June 1st, 2018. Forms can be given to the School Resource Officer at the Junction City Middle School or hand delivered to the Junction City Police Department, 210 E. 9th Street. Application received after June 1st, 2018 will not be considered.
  3. Preference will be given to New Participants.
  4. Parents must drop off campers by 8:30 AM each day at the Junction City Middle School (front doors).
  5. Parents must pick up campers by 3:00 PM each day at the Junction City Middle School (700 Wildcat Lane).

 Enroll now to ensure yourself a fun-filled week of learning and activities!

Junction City Police Department

Law Enforcement Summer Camp 2018


The Junction City Police Department’s Law Enforcement Summer Camp is a program established to promote a positive atmosphere between the youth of the area and the Junction City Police Department. Listed below are rules and responsibilities of the participants. Participants are expected to follow all the rules, all of the time.

 Clothing for participants:

  1. Shoes should be appropriate for athletic activity (no sandals).
  2. Hats may be worn outdoors but will be removed indoors.
  3. A T-shirt will be provided to each participant. We ask that it be worn every day of camp. If it is

not worn, we ask that clothing should be free of the following:

  1. Alcohol, tobacco or drug messages
  2. Language or images which are offensive to any group of people
  3. Death or satanic images
  4. No excessively saggy or baggy clothing.
  5. No jewelry.
  6. Clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for the weather and physical activities.
  7. Please limit the amount of cash carried by the participant.
  8. No electronic devices allowed. Cellular phones are permitted, but only for emergency use.

 What to bring to the Law Enforcement Camp:

  1. Positive attitude.
  2. Willingness to learn.
  3. Willingness to make new friends.
  4. Ability to smile and have a great week!!!

More detailed expectations will be given to participants during the introduction period of the first day. The Law Enforcement Summer Camp coordinators will contact the parents and if necessary, remove participants due to lack of cooperation, participation, uncontrollable, or continuous disruptive behavior. If you have any questions, please contact the Junction City Police Department’s Community Involvement Unit Sergeant Borges at 785-762-5912 or at 785-210-4757.

Thank You!

We hope to see you there!

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