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Walk Kansas 2018 an 8-Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge!

Gather your team of six people by March 16!

Register online at or by contacting your local K-State Research and Extension Office.

March 18 to May 12

Local K-State Research and Extension Office contact:

Geary County K-State Research & Extension
119 E 9th Street, Junction City, KS
(785) 238-4161
Online Registration Begins February 21, 2018

Join the Walk Kansas 5K for the Fight Run/Walk on May 5, 2018!

By practicing healthy lifestyle choices you can delay or prevent chronic disease, and symptoms of illness can be managed better. According to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: If Americans were to stop smoking, exercise regularly, and eat well, they could prevent up to 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancers.

  • Did you know?
    Less than 1/2 of Kansas adults meet minimum recommendations for physical activity.
  • Less than 10% of Kansans eat enough fruits and vegetables. (CDC, 2015)
  • Chronic disease, including obesity, is responsible for more than 70% of health care costs.

Walk Kansas 2018

March 18 – May 12
Welcome to Walk Kansas, a health initiative presented by K-State Research and Extension. Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will inspire you to lead a healthier life by being more active, making better nutrition choices, and learning positive ways to deal with stress.

I love Walk Kansas. It pushes me and allows me to rev up my friends and family. I’ve learned a healthy lifestyle begins with a planned routine and Walk Kansas provided the structure for that. Knowing I had to get my walks in and prepare fruits/veggies to eat the next day motivated me because I wanted to get credit as part of the program. This was a starting point for my now daily routine.

How Walk Kansas Works

Teams of 6, with a captain, log minutes of activity for 8 weeks. Each team selects a goal, or challenge, they will collectively work towards. Participants log activity minutes and the amount of fruits/vegetables they eat. They can log online or on paper.

Participants receive weekly newsletters and motivational messages. Some local Walk Kansas programs offer classes, group activities, kick-off and celebration events, and more. Go to to find your local Extension office and learn about Walk Kansas in your community.

Physical Activity Guidelines

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate and/or vigorous intensity activity/week. Muscle strengthening activities are recommended at least 2 days per week. By working all major muscle groups, you can prevent muscle loss, increase strength and increase bone density.

Moving regularly throughout your day is important, but you can get a lot of steps in without reaching moderate or vigorous intensity which is the type of exercise that raises your heart rate and helps to reduce your health risks. Walk Kansas challenges you to get a variety of physical activity!

Team Challenges

Each team will select one of these challenges. As your team moves across or around the state, you will learn about points of interest in Kansas by viewing progress of your team on the online map.

Challenge 1) Explore the 8 Wonders of Kansas. This will require each person to log 2 1/2 hours of moderate/vigorous activity per week. The trail is 480 miles.

Challenge 2) Go Cross Country. Begin in the NE corner and trek diagonally to the SE corner of the state and see a lot of interesting points along the way! Each person logs 4 hours/week, which will take the team 768 miles.

Challenge 3) Explore the Little Balkans (SE KS) and then head to Nicodemus! This requires each person to log 6 hours/week and the trail is 1152 miles.

Our thanks to the Kansas Sampler Foundation for providing photos and information about the wonders of Kansas.

What activities count toward Walk Kansas minutes?

You can report all activity you do at a moderate and vigorous level, as long as the activity is performed for at least 10 consecutive minutes. You can also include minutes you spend doing strengthening exercises. If you wear an activity tracker (wrist tracker or pedometer) you can start counting steps after you reach 6,000 steps in a day. Report 15 minutes of activity for every 2,000 steps you take above 6,000.

Healthy Eating Makes a Difference

Healthy eating, including beverage choices, plays a key role in helping you achieve and maintain good health and in reducing the risk of chronic disease throughout your life. Healthy eating guidelines, tips and recipes will be available through the weekly newsletter and on the Walk Kansas website. Information provided is from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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