Geary County Conservation District Poster Contest

Geary County Conservation District Poster Contest


  1. OPEN TO: All Geary County students, grades K-12.
  2. CATEGORIES: Each category will be judged separately

Grades K-1

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-6

Grades 7-9

Grades 10-12

  1. THEME: The theme for the Poster Contest is “Watersheds, Our Water, Our Home” It is important to understand what watersheds are and how important they are in a healthy environment.  This title must appear on the finished poster.
  3. Poster shall be on suitable paper, between 12” x 18” inches, and arranged for horizontal display only.
  4. Poster shall not be mounted on other background materials.
  5. Only one entry per student.
  6. Posters may be computer generated, in pencil, colored pencil, marker, paint, pen & ink, water color, crayon, cut paper, etc.
  7. Must be work of the student only. It is recommended that the poster be done as a class in connection with the study of conservation.
  8. IDENTIFICATION: Must be identified by a sheet attached to the bottom left hand corner on back, with:

Student’s full name, Age, Grade, Full name and address of Parents, School and Teacher.

DEADLINE: All entries are due December 30, 2017.   The posters must be delivered to the Geary County Conservation District office at 135 E. 8th Street,Junction City.

All entries become the property of the conservation district to be used as they so desire.

Winners will be presented awards at the Geary County Conservation District’s Annual Meeting on January 25,2018. Winners will be notified beforehand.


Conservation Message………………… 50%

Why is this resource important?

How can we use this resource without destroying it?

How can we take care of our natural resources?

Visual Effectiveness……………………30%

It is best to have a title.

Can the person looking at the poster see what you are trying to say?

Originality ……..………………………10%

Use your own ideas in an interesting way.

Universal Appeal…………..…..………10%

Can we see the pictures & read the title from several feet away?

Poster Contest Flyer

Poster Contest 2 Flyer

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